Tips to effectively manage Type 2 diabetes

Tips to manage Type 2 diabetes
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Type 2 diabetes can be life threatening and can cause a lot of other illnesses to occur. Some people cope with it all wrong and end up in quite a pickle, like losing their sight or worst die from it. People think that they are fine if they keep taking pills, but they need to check their blood sugar regularly to ensure that it's indeed high before they do so. Also, taking pills is not the only thing you need to do.

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Some tips to effectively manage Type 2 diabetes are:
  • Check your blood sugar regularly - You need to check it regularly to determine if you need to take pills or insulin and what doses. Death can occur because someone took medication without checking and their blood sugar is normal and it lowered their blood sugar too low. If this happens, take something that has sugar and can easily be digested by your body. Additionally, you should keep a record of your blood sugar readings to see how you're managing it and to see where you can make improvements.
  • Change your diet - This is necessary because what you eat will obviously be broken down by your digestive system into sugar and find itself in your blood. Some foods have more sugar than others and diabetics need to eat more of the foods that are less in sugar rather than the ones with more (Read: 10 smart ways to reduce your sugar intake). Foods that are low in fat and cholesterol are best to consume also.
  • Exercise - Get regular exercise and on some days that you feel lazy or not up to it, you can go for a nice long walk instead of running on a treadmill and this makes things more tolerable. If you're overweight, try your utmost to lose some weight (Read: The best ways to lose weight).
  • Plan your day to day activities - Plan your exercises, meals and so on and you'll see that your life runs smoothly and your healthier.
  • Educate yourself - You need to know more about this disease if you have it so that you know what to avoid and so on, what this means for your body and how you can be a much healthier person. Additionally, you need to know about the various diseases that can arise due to diabetes and how to prevent them or what to check for at the doctor.
  • Get regular checkups at the doctor - Diabetes can lead to many other illnesses of the body and it's better to detect these illnesses at the beginning. What happens is that someone might not go and check their eyes and they might have diabetic retinopathy and so they don't know at the beginning and could become blind.
Take charge of your diabetes today and you will see that you will be a much healthier person than you were yesterday.