Health benefits of chia seeds

Chia seeds
Chia seeds

A lot of healthy people are incorporating chia seeds into their diets! Do you know why? If you have never heard of chia seeds, then the questions that might pop into your head will be:
What are chia seeds? Is it beneficial to eat these seeds? What are the health benefits of chia seeds? What do they taste like? How can I incorporate them into my meals or how to prepare them?

Firstly, what are chia seeds?
Well, obviously they are seeds! The Salvia hispanica plant grows chia seeds and this plant is found in the mint family.

What do they look like?
They are tiny seeds that are either white or black in color and are oval in shape (see image above). The black variety is most commonly used.

What do they taste like?

They have an almost neutral (or mild nutty) flavor.
Chia seeds contain lots of nutrients like:
    • protein
    • fiber
    • omega-3 fatty acids
    • omega-6 fatty acids
    • antioxidants
    • calcium
    • manganese
    • phosphorus

      Amazing fact:
      Did you know that chia seeds contain more omega-3 fatty acid than salmon when compared in ounces? Now that's impressive!

      Chia seeds are good for:
      • pregnant women
      • children
      • adults
      They are a great plant-based protein for:
        • vegans
        • vegetarians

          The health benefits of chia seeds are:

          - They are excellent for weight loss

          • They have few calories.
          • The fiber allows these seeds to absorb water and it metabolizes slowly, which makes you feel fuller longer.
          • The protein that it contains will reduce your cravings for food often.
          (Dhal is great for weight loss too and you can read about it here: The benefits of dhal)

          - They increase your energy levels

          - Improves digestion and regularity
          • Because chia seeds contain both soluble and insoluble fiber which is great for this.

          - Lowers cholesterol levels

          • omega-3 fatty acids lower cholesterol levels

          - The antioxidants that they contain will help protect against cancer and aging.

          - It controls blood sugar

          - The phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and protein that it contains will improve the health of your bones

          3 ways to use chia seeds
          1. Add it to smoothies
          2. Mix some into your oatmeal, cereal or yogurt
          3. Sprinkle over your salad
            Yogurt with chia seeds and some fruit
            Yogurt with chia seeds and some fruit

            If you want to live a healthy lifestyle then you should include chia seeds into your diet, you won't regret it.

            All images in this post are via pixabay.