Hi There, I am Nadina and welcome to The Next Healthy, my healthy living blog!

What this blog has to offer you

Is your body important to you? It should be! Do you know what your body requires in order for it to be healthy as possible and how to achieve it? We all need food to fuel our bodies. The foods and drinks that we consume can affect our bodies in a positive, negative or both ways.

Are you someone who is constantly eating unhealthy foods/living an unhealthy lifestyle and as a result feel sick, tired and so on?

Or are you someone who is educated/knowledgeable (on the right things to eat) in the health and wellness area but don’t eat the right foods because you hate the taste, find it boring or you don’t know how to execute it?

Or are you someone who needs to be educated on the various foods available and on the nutrients they have to offer us – their nutrient content?

The foods that we eat and lifestyle choices have a direct impact on our lives. When we’re healthy we can prevent/reduce our risks for diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. Living healthier is your choice to make! Sometimes we get tired of eating healthy but with tasty recipes and helpful tips we can eat healthy and love it. Education is needed so that you can eat right.

Health and wellness should be your number one priority if you want to live a long happy healthy life. This is important also if you want the same for your family. This is only achievable if you live a healthy lifestyle. This blog will educate you on how to do just that and will also offer you great tips in going about doing so. Hence if you need education and tips on how to be healthy then this is the blog for you.

So to sum things up: I will be sharing with you the info that I’ve learned from my studies, from others and from research (I’m always researching)

What you’ll get at The Next Healthy:

1. Health and fitness info

2. Healthy recipes

3. Health and fitness tips

4. Healthy living DIYs

5. Natural living ideas

6. Nutrition info

A bit about me

I’m passionate and obsess with healthy living and I’m trying to be healthier each day than I was the day before.

I did pre-med and so I have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) General Degree in Biology (majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry). Additionally, I plan to study medicine in the future. I love my fur babies, science, libraries, books and rainy nights.

Don’t wait for some other time to start living a healthy life! Living healthy can only be beneficial to us, so why not adopt a healthy lifestyle today right now.