Ways to get the salt your body requires in order to recover from low blood pressure

Image via pixabay

Hypotension, or most commonly known as low blood pressure, can cause some really unbearable symptoms. Unfortunately, this is something I experience time and time again. Extremely excruciating headaches that painkillers don’t really help is what I get to deal with when my blood pressure is low.

Treatment will vary from person to person because it depends on what causes it. For me, adding more salt to my diet always help. Below are ways in which you can add more salt to your diet if you are required to do so.

Ways in which you can add salt are:

1. Use Marmite - In my option, Marmite is a great choice because it contains the salt needed to treat low blood pressure and it also contain vitamins and iron which is a great added bonus. Also, Marmite can be used in a number of ways.

Tips on using it:
Dissolve some in hot water and have it as a drink
Spread it on bread or crackers
Add it in soups
Or eat it as it is

2. Eat some plain old cooking salt

You can achieve this by:
adding more in foods
or dissolve in some water and drink it

3. Consume foods that are high in salt

Once you add salt you’ll feel better but you should only use the required amount and not more.

Not everyone with low blood pressure is required to add more salt to their diet so check with your doctor first.