4 tips on how to get the most nutrients from the vegetables that you boil

Image via pixabay
All kinds of nutrients, like vitamins and mineral salts, can be acquired by eating vegetables, and that's why people try to eat them even if they don't like them. Boiling vegetables are the easiest way of cooking them but are we getting most of the nutrients that they contain with this cooking method? No, we're not! Consequently, this method of cooking them causes them to lose lots of nutrients.

Below are 4 tips on how to get the most nutrients from the vegetables that you boil:

  1. Boil vegetables in the shortest time possible - Lots of nutrients from vegetables are lost because they are cooked for a long time. Therefore, cook them in a much shorter time to gain the most nutrients from them.
  2. Reuse the water used to boil vegetables - Water-soluble minerals and vitamins leave your veggie and dissolve in the water that they are cooked in, and so you're losing them if you're throwing that water away. An alternative would be to use the water in soups and in whatever else you can.
  3. Use as little water as possible to cook vegetables in - Because of nutrient loss it's better to cook your veggies in a small amount of water to prevent too much loss of the nutrients.
  4. Don't over cook one vegetable waiting for another to finish cooking.
With these ways we can try to harvest what nutrients we can from the veggies that we boil.