9 good lifestyle tips

9 good lifestyle tips, healthy living

You're never too young or old to start practicing good lifestyle habits. Below are some good lifestyle tips that you can try:
  1. Go meatless at least one day in a week or simply add more vegetables to your meals. When cooking some of your meals, try adding a little veggie to it. Just chop them up into small pieces and add them in. This way you know you're getting veggies in your meal and if you have kids that they are too.
  2. Try to eat gluten free. Gluten is responsible for a lot of health problems! There are some really delicious gluten-free products like bread and pasta available these days, so choose those instead.
  3. Drink less or if possible no alcohol. Try non-alcoholic drinks instead on your night out.
  4. Exercise. We all need this. It can be as simple as going for a nice long walk.
  5. Drink less caffeinated beverages. Omg, the amount of coffee we all drink every day! Try drinking less by substituting your coffee with beverages that are caffeine free.
  6. Drink more water. No matter how much water you think you're drinking, drink some more. Water is essential to our very existence. If you're drinking plain water and hate it, try flavoring it with lemon juice or slices of fruits (Related post: DIY healthy flavored water).
  7. Eat less salt. It's important to keep tabs on our salt intake each day. One great way of doing this is by cooking your own meals and eating less takeout because you don't know what they're putting in your food. Also, avoid processed foods because they contain lots of salt and instead of using tin products (like tomato sauce) make your own or look for low-sodium ones.
  8. Consume less fat. Eat less fried foods. Instead of frying your chicken or chips or whatever it is that you normally fry; bake it in the oven instead.
  9. Go to the doctor for regular checkups. It's better to know of a disease at its early stage.
Good lifestyle habits can improve our health so let's make an effort to try these.

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