How to eat more vegetables

How to eat more vegetables
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We all know that we should eat more vegetables. Unfortunately for some of us knowing so doesn't actually make us eat more. This is because we are too busy so we settle for food that has little or none at all in them, are lazy, don't like eating them, don't know how to prepare them, etc.

How to eat more vegetables

Some ways on how to eat more vegetables are:

- Acquire vegetables (either purchase or grow your own) so you'll always have it on hand
This is the first thing that you have to do! You can't eat it if you don't have it.

- Have your veggies already prepped (chopped or whatever) beforehand. Basically ready to be cooked or eaten (if you want to consume it raw).

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- Purchase already cleaned and washed ones.
This is great if you're busy or lazy (like me). Busy because you won't have the time to prep them and lazy because you won't want to do it.

- Add some to juices and smoothies or use vegetables to make juices (like carrot juice)
This way you won't really taste them (great if you hate the taste of them) and you are getting them.

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- Use vegetables as dips
I make some really delicious dips that are made mostly of vegetables. Two are a roasted eggplant dip and a tomato dip.

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- Learn how to cook vegetables if you don't know how to cook them
If you don't know how to cook them then you might not eat them.

- Purchase your take out food more smartly
Purchase at healthy restaurants, like vegan and vegetarian restaurants- their meals will consist of vegetables and the vegetables can make up most of an individual meal. You can also purchase healthy vegan and vegetarian meals at non-vegan and non-vegetarian restaurants also.

- Start your day off with vegetables, don't wait for later in the day
You can add some vegetables to your omelet.

- Always try to add vegetables to all or at least most of the foods that you cook

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